Best Canadian Offers - Bonuses

Get Bonus when you sign up for our exclusive membership program, we have reviewed the top hotel membership program to allow you, the consumer to get not only the best deal but also get a great bonus with your stay. Sometimes the best deal on paper is not always the best deal with companies fighting to retain customers, creating rewards cards and special offers for returning customers such as the bonuses found on many hotel specific membership cards. Paying more to recieve an extra bonus is sometimes betetr then payiong the lowest price with no perks. Often paying a few dollars now will save you the price of the entire night later down the road. A bonus can also be too good to be true as we have found many sites make it nearly impossible to redeam after earning enough points for the desired reward. We track these deals down and make sure to warn our followeres about these phony bonuses and make sure to share the best bonus offers available, especially if they offer a cash bonus, because whats better then some bonus-cash?