Look for Quick Payouts, Free Spins, and Cashable Bonuses

Play Canadian Games

Online gambling has steadily grown in popularity over the past decade, and nowhere is this more apparent than in Canada. With several provinces operating casinos throughout the country, including British Columbia, Quebec, and Manitoba, there are plenty of Canadian online casinos to choose from. In fact, some of the top-ranked online casinos in the world are licenced by Canada's Kahnawake Gaming Commission.

In terms of finding the "best" online casino, a lot has to do with personal preference, game choice, as well as preferred gaming platforms. With so many options available, the average gambler can spend countless hours researching and trying the different Australian and Canadian online casinos, as well as those based in Malta and Curacao, and still not make a dent in the huge number of worldwide online casinos.

While traditional casinos are typically frequented based on physical proximity, online gamblers have the entire world wide web at their fingertips. For online gamers looking for the best Canadian online casinos, choosing the best ones to visit often boils down to several key components; free spins; cashable bonuses; and decent loyalty programs. For the average online gambler, these are the components to look for while seeking out personal favorites in the online casino industry.

Find Reputable Online Gaming Sites

There are online casinos based in every corner of the world. Some are reputable businesses while others, well, not so much. There are a few things online gamers can do to ensure they are choosing good casino partnerships, and all it takes is a little research.

For any online gambler, the first thing to review when checking out a specific casino, is their licence. Are they appropriately licensed? What gambling commission oversees the individual casino? The Kahnawake Gaming Commission is responsible for licensing a good portion of Canadian online casinos. The gaming commission has an excellent reputation, as well as strict requirements for licensing. While there are certainly legitimate casinos based all around the world, Canadian online casinos that are licensed under Kahnawake are a good place to start when looking for online sites to gamble

Next, read reviews! For Canadian online casinos, as well as those based in Australia, Curacao, and Malta, there is a wealth of information to be found online. With a little research, online gamers can find a ton of information about everything from gaming to payout times, opportunities for free spins, cashable bonus availability, as well as loyalty programs. Researching casinos prior to visiting is key when trying to find a reputable site.

Incentives - Finding the Best Ones-Free Spins, Cashable bonuses, Match Play

Due to extreme competition within the online gaming industry, Australian and Canadian online casinos, as well as others, will often offer player incentives to drive business to their site in lieu of the competition. Since slot play offers the best return rate for all online gaming activities, finding casinos that offer cashable free spins bonus opportunities and match play may be a good place to start.

There are several internet publications that are devoted to finding casino bonuses. Many of the Canadian online casinos operating under the Kahnawake Gaming Commission offer different weekly promotions for both new and established players. Match play bonuses offer casino goers a percentage of their deposit added to their gaming account free of charge from the casino. Cashable bonuses, like free spins bonus opportunities, are another great way to drive business into a specific site.

While everyone enjoys free play, it is important to find bonus opportunities that are cashable, such as free spins and match play, without a huge playthrough amount. Playthrough is defined as the total dollar amount, in bets, that a player needs to make before any profit can be cashed out as winnings. For some games, players need to gamble 40X the amount of the bonus; while for others, the playthrough may be much less. In terms of cashable bonuses, free spins usually offer the lowest playthrough, while match play and table gaming free play have much higher playthrough requirements.

Loyalty Programs

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Most online casinos offer loyalty programs. These programs provide regular players with extra incentives, such as extra free play, cashable bonuses, free spins, prize drawings, and other gaming incentives. The loyalty programs are typically based on the amount of money a player bets per month. Typical loyalty programs have several levels from occasional players to VIP, and at each level, players are offered rewards. Rewards can be given weekly or monthly and include free spins, cashable bonus opportunities, match play percentage opportunities, and other perks.

For players who frequent the Canadian online casinos under the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, each casino offers a specific loyalty program for their players. All of the monthly incentives, including free play, match play and free spins, are cashable with minimal playthrough, as a show of appreciation for loyalty among the customer base.

For players seeking out casinos with the best loyalty programs, it is important to look for programs that provide weekly opportunities and incentives. Search for programs that provide a high percentage match play, such as 100% match or higher; regular free spins, cashable bonuses and cashable free spins. With so much competition, many online casinos specifically use their loyalty programs to drive consumers to their site, making them an excellent opportunity for gamers.

Bottom Line in finding the Best Online Gaming Sites

Whether searching for casinos in Canada or other places in the world, gamers can afford to be picky. With massive competition, and new casinos cropping up daily, online gamblers truly have the upper hand when seeking out new places to play. Many casinos offer huge cashable bonus opportunities, free spins, aggressive match play amounts, as well as other cool prizes and incentives.

Savvy players should take the extra time to read up on specific casino reviews, check out their withdrawal times, as well as read over the specific casino playthrough requirements on match play incentives, free spins, and other cashable bonus opportunities, to make sure they are playing at casinos with the best possible odds. With a little perseverance and some time dedicated to research, online gamers can take advantage of a competitive marketplace and find an online casino that meets their individual needs. With different games, different slots, a variety of bonus programs and loyalty rewards, there is truly an online casino fit for every gamer out there. The trick is to take the time to do the appropriate research, and find the one that works best for you.