Best Real Money Canadian Offers

Using points can be hard when booking hotels so we look for the best cards to give our followers the maximum amount of cash back in their pockets. Sometimes especially in foreigner countrys we have found it is best to use real cash and save your bonus points for a later date. Points are most efficiently used within Canada for flight and sometimes even grociery redemptions. Typically for travel it is best to carry real money with you encase points are not accepted as within recent years we have found that rewards points are being touted on websites more and more but harder and harder to redeem especially when needed, so always make sure to carry some real moeny with you which can typically still earn you bonuses if you tell the hotels that you have the points cards, allowing you to jump through the hoops of redeeming the points later.And get that room you need using some cash. We recommend within canada always carrying two hundred dollars canadian just as a safety net.