LeoVegas Hotel Accommodation Offer

LeoVegas the premier vegas hotel and adventure site has expanded its reach to Canada offering great deals on Hotels and special games only for Canadians. LeoVegas started as a small scale tour company which later expanded due to their extream attention to detail and desire to give each and every customer the full "Leo Vegas" experiance wich their ceo has been quoted as saying "we want our customers to feel like they are celebrities, so we take full control of their itinerary to make sure they experiece vegas like only the A-list know how to". Clearly this formula has been succesful for LeoVegas as they expanded last year to all of the united states shifting focus towards the hotels and experiences of their clients. With the premiere of Leo Vegas in Canadas major cities in the coming weeks will come crazy deals like never before seen on their entire packages, from hotel stays to full week get-aways.